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The 3rd Quarter saw a drop from 11 deals in the 2nd Quarter worth $282 million for Good Class Bungalows, to 9 being transacted at a figure of $177 million. This 3rd Quarter figure was ahead however, of 2014’s 3rd Quarter that saw 7 deals transacted at a total of $167 million,

2015’s first 9 months record a sales total for Good Class Bungalows at 24 deals transacted at a total of $554 million, which was just ahead of figures from the same time last year that saw 22 deals transacted for a total of $511 million.

EL Development West Coast Vale Condo

Among these 3rd Quarter deals for 2015 that were entered was a Tanglin Hill freehold bungalow that sold for $25 million, which equates to $1,539 psf on a land area of 16,243 square feet.

A caveats search indicated that buying this West Coast Vale Condo property is Hiew Yoon Khong, who was this years winner of the Outstanding CEO of Year award for Singapore’s Business Awards ceremony and is the chief executive office for Mapletree Investments. The purchase is being made from property development firm that is low-profile.

Previously the property was transacted in 2006 for $10 million. Taking into consideration that the new owner of the property will probably opt to rebuild the home, the per square foot amount of $1,539 was considered to be quite reasonable for this EL Development West Coast Condo location.

West Coast Vale Condo

A property expert pointed out that, on the assumption that, to build a new home on the 10,000 square foot gross floor area will cost around $500 per square foot, there should be a break even cost that will come close to $2,000 per square foot of the land area. He further noted that Tanglin hill, due to its close proximity to Orchard Road, is quite a popular location for Good Class Bungalows.

According to recent data from West Coast Vale EL Development Urban Redevelopment Authority Realis, a general pick up has been seen in deals for landed property. The data further shows that the 3rd Quarter of 2015 saw a change of hands in 326 landed homes. This number is up from the 2nd Quarter’s 301 and 2014’s 3rd Quarter figure of 246 transactions.

The first 9 months of 2015 saw a rise in sold residential landed properties’ value at $3.54 billion, which is up from 2014’s first 9 months with a figure that reached $3.07 billion. This most recent figure however, is just under the $5 billion that we saw transacted for 2013’s first 9 months.

West Coast Vale Condo GCBs

Another analyst stated that this increase in West Coast Vale Condo demand for landed homes comes as buyers are finding current pricing more attractive. A majority of these buyers are purchasing these properties for owner occupation, for either a multi-generational family lifestyle or for their children. In addition, with the stock for landed properties being limited, these properties have become a more appealing asset for those investors looking for capital appreciation.

Its not just investors and owner occupiers drawn to these houses. EL Development West Coast Condo Developers have also been on the lookout for older homes that they can redevelop. Just last month saw Roxy-Pacific close a deal to purchase an older freehold bungalow site of 19,474 square feet that is situated along Sea Avenue, which is in close proximity to Marine Parade. Teo Hong Lim, executive chairman for Roxy, stated that the group is planning to redevelop the plot into an apartment project of 5 storeys and around 25 units. Under the 2014 Master Plan, the sit has a plot ratio of 1.54 and has residential zoning. The purchase price equates to $789 psf, ppr.

Mr. Teo stated that, these days, finding a West Coast Vale EL Development landed housing site that they can redevelop is quite difficult. This is due, in part, to the government raising the minimum size of plots for apartment development to 10,764 square feet (1,000 square metres). Furthermore, a majority of the larger bungalows that, under the Master Plan, are able to be redeveloped into flats have been redeveloped already.

West Coast Vale Condo Near GCBs

Owner expectation is still ahead of the market as well, adds Mr. Teo. Using the Telok Kukau area as an example, owners are are looking for land area that is around $1,000 per square foot, which equates to $700 + per square foot, per plot ratio. This would make the break-even price over $1,000 per square foot.

Earlier in the month saw Pinnacle Assets, a boutique property group, purchase a EL Development West Coast Vale Condo freehold older bungalow for $46.38 million at 3 East Coast Avenue. This equates to a land area of 45,249 square feet at $1,025 per square foot. The site itself has a zoning for mixed landed housing of 3 storeys. It is big enough to be redeveloped into potentially 14 to 18 landed conventional housing units that can be a blend of semi-detached and terraces homes.

Even though these West Coast Vale Condo large plots are rare for landed housing development, groups of smaller plots can be found with old houses on them, which have the potential to be redeveloped into 2 or 3 new houses.

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Lew Lian Condo

However, Wong did also say that the market is extremely ‘flexible’ and that things could change.

“The economic situation outside and inside the Hong Leong Holdings Condo country is constantly fluctuating, so it is necessary to carefully observe things and change policies according how events shape conditions in Singapore.”

The HBD resale prices soared by close to 50% in the years between 2009 and 2013.

Lorong Lew Lian Condo by CDL

In the years after their peak, in 2013, prices for Upper Serangoon Condo dropped by around 10%.

The price of private properties has also dropped by 8% from its peak in 2013.

These decreases are the result, at least partly, of policies introduced to try and soothe an overactive market.

The policies include a mortgage servicing ratio limit of 30% which was implemented in 2013. This measure restricted the amount of CDL Serangoon Condo total income which can be utilised to service a loan on a HDB property in Lorong Lew Lian Condo CDL.

Plus, an additional policy, the total debt servicing ratio (60%) was implemented in the same year. It stops fiscal organisations from handing out property loans if the overall monthly repayments for potential lenders surpass 60% of their total monthly salary for Lorong Lew Lian Condo Hong Leong.

New Launch Condo at Upper Serangoon

According to a specialist, a complete eradication of these cooling policies might be a disastrous move and lead to another price hike. In fact, all of the work put in to avoid this, over the past three years, could be wasted if regulations are loosened at the wrong time.

Yet, he also indicated that the Serangoon CDL Hong Leong Condo market might prosper if some policies – for example, Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) – are loosened gradually.

At the moment, overseas investors must pay an extra 15% of the property price if they want to buy a house in Singapore. If Singapore residents want to purchase a second or a third property. They must pay 7% and then 10% extra, respectively.

This disincentives investment and has a detrimental impact on the market, particularly within the central areas where lots of immigrants reside.

Upper Serangoon City Developments

The Inland Revenue Authority states that the number of ABSD agreements with overseas investors stood at 1,149 in 2014 for Hong Leong Holdings Condo nex shopping centre. This is a drop from 1,980 in 2013 and 2,432 in 2012.

According to Wong, there may be a chance for some policies to be loosened and others maintained, at different times, but he did not discuss which these might be.

“It is not necessary to adapt by getting rid of policies. It is not the right time to talk about which policies might be changed and which will stay.”

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MCC Land Condo

Also, these sellers could very well time their very own exit to be able to overcome or to avoid paying for Seller’s Stamp Duties (SSD) impose by the local authorities. As potential property sellers anticipate there may be still quite some time prior to interest rates increase, plus due to their very own present-day financial status, Meyappa Chettiar Road existing home owners are not likely to lower their very own price expectations for MCC Land Condo. Except for the quick blip during the international financial doom and gloom, which usually doesn’t require much time to recover for Potong Pasir New Condo Meyappa Chettiar, property owners have been sitting on greater than attractive sales and profits in the previous cycle,” she said.

New Mix Development by MCC Land

August’s developer new project sales for Potong Pasir Meyappa Chettiar MCC Land stayed flat these continous quarters at 84 units, in accordance with the latest report by CIMB Bank, Singapore. The worst-hit zones are the ones without easy-access to establishments, like public transport. However, ERA agent Zola Tan mentioned The Poiz Residences MCC Land need continues to hold up in mature estates as well as those near MRT stations for The Poiz Residences. There was an island-wide drop by 3.7% , quarter on quarter, for the average rent prices of prime retail 1st storey properties in Potong Pasir Condo.

Meanwhile, levels of Potong Pasir New Condocompetition are most likely to even further increase as more suburban private homes are expected to be ready next year, said Ong. It was further pointed out that the areas outside of Orchard Road showed the largest decline. As stated by reports, City Gate sold only 10 percent of units available as purchasers continue to be cautious of the real estate sector. Furthermore, a dip of 3.5% was seen, quarter on quarter in the average for rents of first storey prime units in the Orchard and Scotts Road area, to $38.45 per square foot.

MCC New Condo Potong Pasir MRT Station

These areas outside of Orchard Road included City Hall, Marina Centre and the Central Business District. Rents dropped by 4.5% to around $22.10 per square foot, quarter on quarter for 2015’s 3rd quarter. They further said that it was retails sales that were sluggish and a consumer sentiment in potong pasir mix development that was weaker that attributed to this drop in rents. The surplus houses for rental also provides tenants with increased alternatives to look at. It seems that the rents in this area were more resilient due to a large number of international brands seeking rents in these areas for The Poiz Residences MCC Land.

Potong Pasir New Condo Meyappa Chettiar

A real estate firm pointed out that, in the quarter for July through September, the recorded average for monthly rents has been the lowest to be seen since 2006. The year on year figure was down by 4.5% to around $30.90 psf for 2015’s 3rd Quarter as well, according to one global property consulting firm. In an effort to sell off additional new units before TOP, various developers have resort to dangling discounts to purchasers and some discounts can easily be as high as 20%. For example, Urban Resort has cut 20% off listed price tag in order to sell some of its units.

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Sim Lian Anchorvale EC

Regarding total sales, the volume of properties successfully sold off increased to 10 during the third quarter from nine inside the previous time period. SLP Intl anticipates that project launches of 2014 will give less than 10,000 units, a clear decline when compared to 15,885 units presented just last year and also 21,478 units in 2012. Sim Lian Anchorvale EC Real Estate Watches also thinks financial transaction volumes this year will definitely come far short of the yearly average reported previously in the past five years for Anchorvale EC by Sim Lian.

Sim Lian Land Anchorvale Crescent EC

Due to their tenure, freehold homes are generally more pleasing to purchasers in the open-market as in comparison with lease hold properties. Even now, the somewhat high asking price levels of such freehold properties can potentially have led to an increase in the quantity being put up for auction,” Lee explained. Investors who are driven by yield would find the 99 year tenure a more attractive option. The Sengkang Anchorvale EC Sim Lian agent has said that the vendor will choose what the tenure will be once the process of EOI has closed.

If it were to be sold on a freehold basis, the expected bid amount is believed to be over $14 million. The company has shared that bids are being solicited from prospective investors on both a freehold and a 99 year leasehold basis.According to recent data from the Urban Redevelopment Authority, during August 495 Sim Lian Land Anchorvale EC private homes were shifted by developers, a figure that was 69.3% under the 1,611 that were sold in July.

Sengkang Anchorvale EC Sim Lian

Specifically, five belonged under owner’s sale, converting towards a rate of success of 6.8 percent because there were 73 properties provided in this portion. Comparatively, a couple of houses out of 70 had been purchased this segment in Q2 2014.The Sim Lian Land Anchorvale Crescent EC vendor for this grouping is an investment holding company that is privately held, and who is considering whether the property should be sold under its current freehold tenure of sold on a basis of a 99 year leasehold.

Punggol HDB owners will probably be able to delight in new selection of real estate choices in the next few years along with new options which include the Punggol Waterway Point. The new HBD blocks will be released to the public as the administration will set to redesign Punggol into a premium housing estate for Sim Lian Anchorvale EC young couples.

It seems that sales for new private homes saw another stagnant month, which was Singapore’s Hungry Ghost Festival, having no launches of new condos to draw in buyers.Real estate developers will remain mindful and uptight and certainly some developers may decrease prices to move balance units. New homes will also be launched in selective phases, to find out real estate market conditions.

Anchorvale Crescent Sengkang EC

This figure was comparable to August of 2014, which saw 437 homes being sold, as well as having similarities to months that had not launched any new projects and showed monthly sales of between 400-500. “Transaction volume is going to be the same as quantity evident in the meltdown period of time, which often can be observed to be a healthy correction for the housing real estate market, assuming fiscal situations don’t change.”

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Lake Grande

Numerous investors are searhing for apartments near to the MRT Station as transport selections are alpenty and also hence it has caused a lot of of the property prices close to the MRT to increase. There should be Jurong West Condo Prices available for use.

Newfort Realty’s plan change that would involve the conversion of a residential development into serviced apartments looks to be coming at a big cost for Lake Grande. The freehold site located just off of Orchard Road will be running a price of nearly $10 million in taxes for the firm.

Initially, the firm had failed to get the approval needed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority for the conversion. They did, however succeed with its consecutive appeals. The firm has been committed to keep this Lake Grande Condo freehold property, for at least fifty years, as a serviced residence.

Lake Grande Jurong West Condo Prices

They are often HDB owners who are looking to upgrade, or single men and women plus couples in search of their own 1st residences. The Total Debt Servicing Ratio for Lake Grande MCL Land property measures recently closed the lid more tightly on liquidity as well as managed to make it that much harder for HDB upgraders to purchase a private estate for Jurong West Street 41 Condo, not to mention new couples wanting to join the fray by skipping the MCL Lakeside MRT website.

This private firm that, as of 2013’s year end, has been held by 5 shareholders, has been faced with a residential market that seems abysmal. As a result the firm put the breaks on 68 unit residential project that had been planned at 18 Mount Elizabeth Road, regardless of the fact that the show-flat was close to completion and a $3.9 million development charge had already it the firm.

MCL Jurong West Condo

Lee explained.With regards to total sales, the actual number of properties successfully sold off Jurong West Condo rose to 10 during the third quarter from nine within the previous time period. Particularly, 5 belonged under owner’s sale, converting towards a rate of success of 6.8 percent because there were 73 real estate marketed in this section. Relatively, only two houses out of 70 were sold in this segment in Q2 2014.

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Parc Life

Reports in the media, alongside property consultants, have revealed that in the 1st Quarter of 2015 a drop in the number of Singaporean property launches overseas had dropped from 2014’s 1st Quarter figure of 103 to 78 for Parc Life.

While newer areas, such as Cambodia, experienced a steady rise in interest, the more traditional markets, such as London and Australia, witnessed fewer property launches for Parc Life eligibility criteria. To be more specific, Australia saw 26 project launched, which is down from 40 launches this time last year. Britain was down from 30 launches at Yishun last year to 24.

Parc Life Eligibility

Also included and rising up from 2014’s 1st Quarter of 0 launches were Japan, with 11 projects, Malaysia with 6 and 4 from Cambodia.

Savills Asia Pacific’s head of international residential sales, Gavin Sung, has shared that the region is starting to draw more attention from investors. An increase has been seen in the marketing of regional countries at lower values alongside interest in several emerging markets for investors to explore.

Northpoint City near Parc Life EC

Doing particularly well are developments in Cambodia and Tokyo. One example is JLL’s development in Tokyo, Parkhouse Nishi-Shinjuku Tower 60, which has seen all of Parc Life eligible units that were allocated to Singaporeans were snapped up at Northpoint City. Also in Tokyo was CBRE’s Global Front Tower that has sold all of its available units.

It was pointed out by the consultancy that the higher demand for Tokyo property is a result of a combination of easier funding options, a limited supply, an exchange rate that is quite favourable and a legal system that is highly regarded in this reputed global centre.

Also emerging as a popular destination is Cambodia, which is partly to do with its 2010 law that was passed allowing units to be owned by foreigners for Yishun Northpoint.

Yuen Development’s director and chief executive office, Darren Yap, associates this hearty demand to the fact that the power required to enter the market via purchases is lower in comparison to more mature market like London.

Canberra MRT Station

While some areas are experiencing a rise in interest, once popular hotspots like Britain and Australia are seeing a drop. This may be due to June 2013’s total debt servicing ratio that has put the squeeze on borrowing for Parc Life near upcoming Canberra MRT Station.

Sung also adds that recent overseas market trends may also be accountable for the diminishing amount of launches taking place in Singapore. For example, developers in the UK are witnessing a more robust demand on the homefront. This means that they have less need to put out additional money in order to expand its strategies for overseas marketing for Parc Life Sembawang.