Cheng Lim LRT near to Sim Lian Land EC

Cheng Lim LRT Station is located in the northeast area of Singapore, a beautiful country in southeast Asia. The Cheng Lim LRT Station was opened for passenger service in January 2013. Previously, it had not been opened to passengers. This light rail transit loops from a major transportation hub to a more rural farm area. The Cheng Lim LRT is located in Anchorvale in the Sengkang West Loop area. It runs between the Lorong Chem Lim railway and Cheng Lim Farmways. It is also near to Treasure Crest EC Sengkang.

Cheng Lim LRT Station Sengkang

Cheng Lim Farmways 1 to 6 derives its name from Goh Cheng Lim, who founded and directed Kim Hock Hoe Ltd. Many farms used to exist in the area, and it is still rural. Lorong Chem Lim is quite developed by contrast, making Cheng Lim LRT among the busiest of the LRT stations in Singapore.
Plans exist for Sengkang Hospital to be located next to Cheng Lim LRT station. The hospital is projected to be open as early as 2018 or as late as 2020. The station is currently located next to Treasure Crest EC. Employees of Treasure Crest EC use the station to go to work and to other parts of Singapore.

Cheng Lim LRT Anchorvale Crescent Treasure Crest

In addition to the Sengkang Anchorvale Crescent, the Chem Lim LRT station serves people located in and near Punggol. Punggol New Town is a developed area with retail stores, supermarkets and high-rise apartments. The area continues to be developed and is greatly served by the Chem Lim LRT station.
The SingHaiyi Group Ltd. is the group of architects who designed Chem Lim LRT. Their goalwas to create a wonderfully elegant station to serve theresidents in the northeast section of Singapore. The Chem Lim LRT Station is a beautiful station with a clean, contemporary look.
In summary, Cheng Lim LRT Station is a beautiful and busy light rail transit station that serves residents of northeast Singapore.