Woodlands Regional Centre at Northwave EC

The Woodlands Regional Centre will be a suburban commercial zone in Woodlands, Singapore. Woodlands, also known as Woodlands New Town and Woodlands Town, is located in the North Region of Singapore. The town connects to the country of Malaysia through the Johor-Singapore Causeway.

Woodlands Regional Centre Northwave

The Woodlands Regional Centre was announced in 2013 and will open in phases between 2019 and 2021. The 100-hectare unit of land will be divided into two precincts: Woodlands North Coast and Woodlands Central. The North Coast will focus on waterfront amenities and leisure activities and lifestyle near Northwave EC.

Woodlands Central is going to focus more on retail and transportation amenities. Future transportation plans include the Thomson MRT line, which will connect to the existing North South MRT line. A new rail link to connect Singapore to Malaysia and a new North South Expressway.

Northwave EC Woodlands

The Woodlands Regional Centre will include 700,000 square meters of commercial space, offering jobs and economic growth to the area. In addition to commercial space and transportation for northwave ec woodlands, the zoning includes space for a waterfront residential area, where residents can enjoy the luxuries of waterfront living. The developments will be built so that each resident has an unobstructed view of the water from their home near Signapore American School.

Office spaces are also included in the plans for the Woodlands Regional Centre. Two green boulevards will offer fantastic beauty as well as restaurants and other conveniences for visitors. The bus interchange in Woodlands Central will be updated and connected to a pedestrian mall.

The pedestrian mall will add a small-town feel to Woodlands Central. It will also host many community events. One of the best features of the Woodlands Regional Centre is that there will be room to expand as new businesses and residents move into the area. If walking or public transportation are not preferable, the North Coast will also be accessible to cyclists.